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About ConnectAgri

We are a leading online career and recruitment website with cutting edge technology

With the changing face of agriculture, with about 4000 start up and over $2.6bn investments, we also need a new and advanced workforce in the agri field. Agri jobs are not just about on-farm activities, they involve supply chain, consulting, insurance, credit, input sales & marketing, post-harvest sales & marketing, etc too. There is no shortage of jobs here, but due to lack of a one-stop platform to find the best jobs, agro brain drain has been happening in India since decades. We at Connect Agri, have resolved to stop that, to keep our agri human resources intact and to add more upgraded talent to this field so that it contributes to the Indian economy in the most efficient way.

We provide services to the employers for posting jobs, we hand hold them throughout the recruitment process at very minimal charges. We also cater to the job seeker needs of skill upgradation through conferences, webinars and online training modules. If you look at a broader picture, both of these activities are inter-connected. Skill upgradation and recruitments are very closely linked to each other and, we are working on both the ends in this domain.

Our mission is to make the smallest of the agribusinesses to have access to the best of the talents locally as well as globally, and vice versa. We invite you to be a part of our journey in the way that is most possible to you.


To provide the best technology enabled recruitment experience to the agri business professionals by providing local & global resources and personal as well as professional hand holding through the process.


To become an India's first global agri business job resource board catering to the recruitment-related needs of employers and providing resources and opportunities to the job seekers while upskilling them through global exposure, training, and counselling.

Core Value

  • Client value creation
  • Transparency & Open Communication
  • Creativity
  • Humility
  • Integrity
  • Consistency

Why ConnectAgri?

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Reduce your recruitment
time and cost


Organize, track and
analyze candidate data


Transparent and direct
recruitment process


Connect with agri
colleges and universities

Access to local &
global opportunities


Upskill and
upgrade knowledge


Create alerts and
get regular updates


One stop platform for all
your recruitment needs


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